Landsbankinn Annual Report

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Landsbankinn's Annual Report 2015

The largest financial undertaking in Iceland, Landsbankinn provides reliable, comprehensive financial services to individuals, corporates and investors throughout Iceland based on long-lasting business relationships. In 2015 Landsbankinn reported an after-tax profit of ISK 36.5 billion, compared to ISK 29.7 billion in 2014. After-tax return on equity was 14.8%. The bank's cost-income ratio decreased substantially YoY, from 56% in 2014 to 43.8% in 2015.

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Iceland's largest financial undertaking

Landsbankinn emphasises serving as its customers' financial partner. It pursues responsible growth, aimed at benefiting both the bank and its customers.
118,500 individuals bank with Landsbankinn
12,300 companies bank with Landsbankinn
Branches and outlets at year-end 2015
No. of ATMs / No. of locations
Full-time equivalent positions at year-end 2015
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Landsbankinn's branch network

Landsbankinn operates the most extensive branch network of any Icelandic bank. At year-end 2015 it included 38 branches and outlets.
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Your Landsbankinn

Landsbankinn's vision is to set the example to be followed. Its role is to serve as a trusted financial partner and driving force in the community.